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Who Else Wants The Stupidly Simple Smoothie Recipe I Drank To Reduce My Lectin Sensitivity?

...I Used To Avoid Lectin Foods For YEARS, Until I Drank This Simple Smoothie For 90 Days With My Low Lectin Diet And Was Amazed When I Was Able To Reduce My Intolerance To Lectin Foods, Eating Lectin Foods Like Oats, Sprouted Rice, Peanut Butter, Tomatoes, Bread, And Pizza Again!

People are still astonished when I reach for a slice of pizza or tell them I can have some of what they cooked. That's because for years I followed an incredibly strict lectin-free diet.

I knew that food intolerance/sensitivities such as with the lectin foods I had been avoiding (because they would drive up inflammation and cause all sorts of issues for me) had to do with “leaky gut.”

But after trying one thing after another after another, it turned out that one simple smoothie, which I drank one to three times daily for 90 days with my low lectin diet, ended up making a world of difference!

​The smoothie contains:

- ​The critical foods to add that can help supply the body with a ton of nutrients for use in supporting the body and healing! Certain nutrients ​even help with ​carbohydrate and fat metabolism, protein synthesis and other processes necessary for tissue regeneration and repair.

- ​This ingredient was a part of being used as a digestive tonic including in traditional cultures as far back as 2,500 years ago. After this ingredient is broken down, the body​ can use it for various tasks such as synthesizing (building and rebuilding) muscle proteins, neurotransmitters, skeletal and connective tissues, immune system chemicals, and more.

- This ingredient boosts the immune system, helps with digestion and nutrient assimilation, regulates inflammation, regulates moods and nervous system function, regulates hormonal responses, regulates level of body fat, and more. It can increase the effectiveness of other ingredients!

- Another ingredient that can increase the effectiveness of other ingredients!

- This ingredient is one that our intestinal cells use for energy. It also promotes gastrointestinal cell growth. Much of this natural ingredient goes to people's intestinal cells.

And by the way, I probably don't have to tell you this, but it's lectin-free diet friendly!

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​P.S. I don't want to put any pressure on you here, but if you've been trying to reduce lectin sensitivity, ​this unique smoothie recipe is what really changed the game for me.