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​Best Lectin-Free Protein Powder 2021

best lectin-free protein powder

​What's the best lectin-free protein powder?

​We've tried a number of different protein powders and on this page we've ​created a list of our favorites.

Often times when people think of protein powder, they think of ​​vegan protein powders​, but those are often made with ​peas​​, so those don't count.

​So, what's a high-quality protein powder that's affordable and lectin-free?

Check out our list.

​​BioTrust Multi-Collagen Protein Powder

​​High-quality protein powder with multiple forms of collagen.


​- ​High-quality​ ingredients
- Has a multitude of types of collagen, ​each of which provide different benefits
- Mixes ​​really easily​​​
- ​Not grainy texture
- Includes hydrolized collagen for better digestion and nutrient absorption​​​
- Awesome amino acid benefits and mineral benefits​ from the collagen powders
- Extra bonuses with purchase
- 60 day total ​satisfaction guarantee


- Need to buy multi-collagen powder and cannot choose only one form of collagen

​BioTrust's multi-collagen protein powder ​provides a high-quality protein powder that ​let's you benefit from the power of ​the five different types of collagen, all of which ​provide ​unique and powerful benefits.​​​​​​

You may have heard of bone broth, and collagen protein powder is kind of like that, but in powder form. To get all five types of collagen would require several different food sources​, but with this, you can get access to them in one simple form.

BioTrust boasts having no bad taste and mixing well.

​Plenty of protein powders which claim to be high-quality have offputting tastes, that ​make them hard to drink.

Thankfully, BioTrust knows this and wants you to enjoy a protein powder that doesn't have that problem.

The pricing is very affordable, and the ingredients are high-quality, and come from four different food sources to get ​five types of collagen (I, II, III, V, and X), including grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle and ​sustainable fish.​​​

The ingredients, which include hydrolyzed collagen peptides from grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle, hydrolyzed collagen peptides from sustainable fish, collagen from a unique and patented eggshell membrane, and native, undenatured collagen naturally sourced from chicken, are not considered high-lectin foods, and ​I have found multi-collagen protein powder to be ​beneficial even with having a sensitivity to many lectin foods.

Plus, the collagen can help the joints, which it seems joint pains are common in people who avoid high lectin foods, as well as the gut, and so many other parts of the body.

Because you get five types of collagen in this quality product, matched with a "60-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee" we highly recommend this product.

​Healthy Body Organics

​Organic grass-fed, pasture raised beef bone broth protein powder.


​- Very high-quality ​(Organic, grass-fed, pasture raised)
- Mixes well
- No "grainy" texture
- Awesome amino acid benefits and mineral benefits from bone broth protein powder


- Need your own container since it is in a non-recloseable bag (or at least a large zip-lock bag)
​- Not hydrolized for easier digestion and nutrient absorption
- Only collagen from one food source

​Health Body Organics ​bone broth protein powder from grass-fed, pasture raised beef is a high-quality product that ​mixes well with smoothies.

The protein powder ​offers a ​​wide spectrum ​of amino acids, which is what protein gets broken down into, and are often called the "building blocks of life."

While this product only comes from ​one food source, unlike the multi-collagen powder above, ​Healthy Body Organics touts that it comes from "happy cows" that are 100% grass-fed.​

It's also very affordable pricing, especially for the quality.​

Overall, this protein powder was very enjoyable and touts benefits of the highly acclaimed bone broth, but in a protein powder form that can be easily added to smoothies​. We highly recommend this product.

​What Protein Powders Are Low In Lectins?

Generally speaking, you want to avoid rice protein powders and pea or vegan protein powders (which often contain pea protein).

These are both fairly common but are made with foods often considered to be foods ​not ​low in lectins. ​Lectins are antinutrients which are also technically ​proteins ​so eating a protein powder made of these foods doesn't seem to be a good idea if you are trying to avoid lectins.

We believe the best kind of protein powder is ​collagen ​protein powder. There are numerous benefits to collagen, including that ​it has been linked to longevity, because you can get glycine from it.​

Plus, ​it's animal-based, and doesn't come from plant-toxin containing plants!

That being said, not all collagen powder is created equal. In fact, much of the stuff you could buy off the shelves of your local grocery store likely ​does not​ provide the benefits you could get out of a high-quality, well-made collagen protein powder​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

There are multiple types of collagen, including Type I, ​II, ​III, ​V, and ​X.

​Each type provides ​a variety of different benefits, including for your skin, organs, bones, digestion, cartilage, ​hair, ​and more.

For this reason, we've included the best collagen protein powders we've found above. These are our favorite low lectin protein powders, and we ​hope you ​love them too​!

Enjoy the benefits of collagen and get ​this low lectin protein powder here.