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How THIS Low Lectin Powder Helps You Heal Your Gut

Many low lectin dieters want to know how they can better support their gut.

And lo and behold people seem to be shouting at the rooftops about this particular powder.

A powder low in lectins… with unique powerful gut healing properties.

low lectin powder

And in fact you may have already heard of it before, but not in this particular form.

There have been many crazes about it, or at least one large one… even Kobe Bryant has been said to have had it as part of his crazy training regimen and recovery.

But not just sports athletes. Even more so are every day people who were interested in at least one thing that many of them have in common – gut health.

And for some of them, joint health as well, and other things like their skin, the strength of their hair and even their nails.

Weird, right?

While some people took advantage of this and began selling it without even preparing it ideally for peak benefits – others did.

But there was one problem.

It was a major pain to prepare.

It took a long time, it took real skill to make it taste great, and it made your whole house stink.

And buying it at stores was somewhat of an option, but pretty expensive, considering many people wanted to ideally be consuming a bit of it every day.

So, the trend fell off a bit, as things often do.

But now it’s back with a vengeance, but in a new, powerful form that maintains many of the previous benefits, but without the previously mentioned downsides.

Super affordable, which I’ll get to in a moment, but super affordable.

And super easy to consume. I’ll even share you with my favorite recipe for it in a moment, that fits amazingly with any low lectin dieters.

What they did is turn it into a powder.

Some of you may already know what I’m talking about. It’s bone broth.

Super highly valued in tribes, but not so common in modern culture, at least until recently, when it’s made a huge comeback.

It’s revered as a super powerful solution for gut healing and the other things I mentioned above. Joint health, skin, and strong, thick hair and nails that don’t easily break.

And now it’s been turned into collagen powder.

This collagen powder is actually very high in protein, with typically no carbs or fat.

So you can use it in a protein smoothie.

Here are two options, both great.

The first is a multi-collagen powder. This means it contains collagen from multiple sources, including bones from beef, chicken, and fish. It’s more well-rounded. The second is a grass-fed beef bone broth collagen powder – more well-known for gut healing specifically, at least in popularity. Both are great.

Now the price. While drinking bone broth could cost you over $240 per month if you were to do it every day… the powder form only costs you about $1 a day!

And you just mix it in with a smoothie or water or juice. Super easy. So here are the two collagen powders I was just mentioning before:

My favorite smoothie for this is to take a bit of water, a bit of almond milk (I know people sometimes mention almond milk as having lectins, however the lectins have only been found in the skins and almond milk uses the liquid and separates out the skins), frozen blueberries, collagen powder, and a bit of L-Glutamine.

You can get the L-Glutamine on Amazon (just make sure to get the L-Glutamine not the Glutamine), or pair it with BioTrust’s gut healing supplement.

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