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Does Spinach Have Lectins?

Does spinach contain lectins that are likely to set off negative physical reactions? Many foods contain lectins, but not all lectin foods are likely to set off outward physical reactions. Usually, these reactions are referred to as food sensitivity reactions.

So, is spinach high in lectins that can set off these reactions?


Human Reactions To Lectins In Spinach

Research indicates that lectins in spinach are very unlikely to cause food sensitivity reactions, which is perhaps the biggest factor in choosing whether or not to avoid lectins - how they make you feel. Below is some data regarding reactions to two different types of spinach.

Lectins In Common Foods And Their Blood Type Specificity

Agglutination = + | No agglutination = -

Common NameSpecies NamePart usedABABO
SpinachSpinacea oleraceaSeed----
Malabar SpinachBasella albaLeaf and Seed----

Does Spinach Contain Lectins?

Lectins can be found in many, many foods. If you were to listen to every single "this food is bad" piece of advice on the internet, you would end up eating nothing. It is better to ask, does spinach contain lectins that would cause negative reactions? Specifically, we are referring to outward physical reactions that cause the person to feel or perform worse.

Our research has found that spinach is very unlikely to set off any negative food sensitivity reactions to lectins.

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Ways To Add Spinach To Your Diet

Spinach can be washed with water and eaten raw in salads and is also amazing when steamed. Consider adding it to a meal of chicken and rice. (While there are lectins in rice, certain kinds of rice can be a relatively easy food to eat without problems.)

Benefits of Spinach

Spinach is high in fiber and a good source of many vitamins and minerals. It also contains plant compounds that have numerous benefits such as quercetin, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Some of the potential benefits include reduced inflammation, antioxidative powers, and improved eye health. Spinach also contains the dietary flavonoid kaempferol which was shown to have anti-cancer and cell-protective properties.

Is Spinach High In Lectins?

Our research indicates no and we believe spinach is a great food to include on a low lectin diet. Even if you are sensitive to a lot of foods, spinach can be an excellent food to add to your diet.

If you are wondering what lectin foods are most likely to set off food sensitivity reactions and would like to be ​set up to win big, then check out the ​ultimate guide to the lectin-free diet.