Is Soy High Or Low In Lectins?2022-02-08T05:08:07+00:00

​​Is Soy High Or Low In Lectins?

​When I started caring about improving my health, I found out that lectins have several negative attributes, and that by removing lectin foods, I ​felt way better.

That's why I wanted to know, does ​soy contain lectins?


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What Foods Contain Soy?

Soy is in many foods, such as soy sauce. Soy protein is also an ingredient in many foods.

soy sauce

Is Soy A Lectin-Free Food?

Soy comes from soybeans, which are high in lectins and are legumes. As such, soy is not considered low in lectins and wouldn't be considered safe on the lectin-free diet.

For more info, check out the lectins in beans page.