Does D-Mannose Block Lectins?2023-02-21T09:24:12+00:00

​Does D-Mannose Block Lectins?

You may be wondering if D-Mannose blocks lectins. We have found a piece of research that shows that d-mannose binds with rice lectins, therefore, it may help to neutralize lectins in rice, even at a small quantity.

Note that I personally found that d-mannose seemed to cause bloating when taken at the typical recommended amount in a supplement – but not when taken in a very small amount.

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Typically the amount of d-mannose in a lectin-blocking supplement is very small, so you could try to emulate this if you wanted to get D-Mannose separately and use it individually specifically when eating rice.

D-Mannose may block lectins in other foods as well, we simply have not seen ​research on it.

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