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​Does Ketchup Have Lectins?

If you are following a low lectin diet, you may be wondering if ketchup has lectins.

Quick answer: Generally yes, but it is possible to remove or greatly reduce the amount of lectins. Read on for more info.

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Generally the answer is yes, because ketchup is made from tomatoes, which are a nightshade (and one of the main categories of lectin foods), but it is possible to remove or greatly reduce the amount of lectins in tomatoes.

The process includes de-seeding and de-skinning the tomatoes, and then cooking in a pressure cooker, ideally.

There are tomato sauces marketed as lectin-free, which you may be able to use to create your own lectin-free ketchup, if you want to save yourself a bit of the hassle. For more info check out the page where we talk about the best lectin-free tomato sauce.

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